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Business Premier

Ready to satisfy your clients' and employees' sweet tooths? No matter how big or small your business is, whether you are entry-level or CEO, whether you work in the public or private sector, we have provided for your needs with our various Business Premier options.

Click the link below to get started, and we will be in touch within 24 hours:

Place your Own Order:
1-5 Recipients

Once you login into the premier business portal, you can place individual orders at your leisure for corporate gifting. All our standard delivery and preparation conditions apply here as if you were ordering from the consumer portal.

Large Bulk Orders:
5+ or 1500 cookies Recipients

You grab the spreadsheet from your portal, copy and paste all the gift recipients from your address book into our large order form, and send it back our way. We will take care of all the legwork of crafting, staging, and shipping the orders to their rightful recipients!

$3,000 Annual Spend

Maybe you are not spending this much all at once, but will throughout the year. We have got you covered. If your annual spend is $3,000+ spread throughout the year, you will receive all the top perks and benefits you can get by working with us.

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